Despite it all

Despite it all

I am so grateful that I have to let it be known
It’s either this or a perpetual bitch and moan

High gas prices, mortgage payments, utilities
Shout out to WE Energies

Genocide in Darfur, uprising in Syria
Burning Qurans in Afghanistan
The continued slavery of the Black Man

So many things that I could harp on
Dropped calls on my so called smart-phone

Cigarette prices on the rise steady
Don’t judge me, I’ll quit when I’m ready

Immature music playing on public radios
I remember the day when I freely used the words Bitches and Hoes

Not anymore, I have grown
Now I’m pissed that we don’t hear more people like Angie Stone

Senseless fighting over Nike shoes
I hope they’ve paid the bills that have come due

Despite all of these things that I consider some sort of bullshit
I am still grateful that I am alive to see it


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