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Pardon me, I’m going to talk politics…

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#Plagerism #BiasedMedia #TheyThinkUrDumb #VoteEarly or vote on #Nov4 #Wisconsin just #Vote #MaryBurke #Fire #ScottWalker



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Mark Taylor

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Mark Taylor, Harmonica Player

Malcolm the Dog

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He’s 6 years old, been with me since he was a fuzzy 8 week old who could sleep in my lap. He was the biggest of his litter and practically jumped over the others to see who was coming to see them and I knew that he was my dog. I got him from a breeder up in Plymouth, at the time I was not educated on the importance of adopting animals – if you can – but I don’t regret my decision. As far as I’m concerned I saved Malcolm just as much as he has saved me.

Now he’s the same age as me, sorta.

6 in dog years x 7 in human years = 42 (forty-two), I think… I have convinced myself that I am horrible at math.

Either way, he’s my dog but he is also my son and my funny, smart, full-of-personality friend.


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