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Trump: Memory Lapse?

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R. Kelly Sued Over Alleged Mississippi Affair

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This story gives new meaning to the phrase “Mississippi burning “.
R. Kelly, best known for mega hits like “Bump & Grind” and “Down Low” – the beginning of his infamous series of songs about infidelity – allegedly infected married woman; Asia Childress of Mississippi with Chlamydia. See her husband’s claims in an article posted on ABC.com.

“All in the Family” – the Quiz

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I love to take quizzes, like how much do I know about “Seinfeld”, or “Friends”? When I came across a quiz about “All in The Family” recently, I had to oblige.


There were a series of 30 questions that went by so fast that I hadn’t realized I’d completed the quiz. I got 22 out of 30 questions correct. Good, but not perfect, and that’s just fine with me. It’s also sort of how I think about the show, it was great but not perfect. To be fair, perfection is overrated.


It was groundbreaking, an honest look into an American family, a family with a racist at the patriarchal head. I appreciated the fact that the show’s creators were willing to tackle topics that no one else wanted to touch then – or now. Red-lining, voter suppression, civil rights, stereotypes, women’s rights, and all-around good-ole American ignorance.


Carroll O’Connor brought humanity to the character of Archie Bunker, making it easier to see that there was a human being behind that unfounded bigotry. Watching the show helped me to hope. I hoped that I could be a person who is able to look past the obvious signs of racism in order to get to the the origins of it.


What better way to tackle it than with laughter? That’s what “All in the Family” did. It made me laugh. I laughed at the absurdity that was Archie Bunker and the flightiness of Edith, his wife. Being able to relate to people through laughter is a tool that can help build dialogue and understanding.


Bring on the laughter.






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This was an act of terrorism and hate and it is becoming a norm. When will the gun violence become unacceptable?

Rest Peacefully


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So Far This Memorial Day Weekend – 4 People Are Dead And 36 Were Wounded By Gun Shots In Chicago. Imagine If The List Of People Shot Were A Different List, Let’s Say Heroin Overdoses, Would More Be Done To Stop The Steady Stream?

Chicago 2016 May 29



Read original list from the Source: Chicago Tribune

Alleged Gang Rape in Brazil

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rio girl
Picture Source: Fox News Latino

#StandWithWomen in #Brazil #DoSomething >30 men suspected in gang rape of 16 yr old Read it here: Fox News Latino #SMH