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Bill Cosby – On The Fence

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Chicago PD – Loose Cannons?

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APTOPIX Killings By Police Chicago
Chicago police form a line to prevent protestors from entering an expressway on Tuesday, Nov. 24, 2015, in Chicago. White Officer Jason Van Dyke, who shot Laquan McDonald 16 times last year, was charged with first-degree murder Tuesday, hours before the city released a video of the killing. (AP Photo/Paul Beaty)


You have to read this article if you are not familiar w/ the long running history of Misconduct by the ‪#‎Chicago‬ PD. It’s unimaginable


There needs to be ‪#‎Justice‬ for the Citizens of Chicago, and the nation, b/c I am SURE this is not isolated to CHI. ‪#‎JusticeDepartment‬ ‪#‎POTUS‬ ‪#‎RahmEmanuel‬


Below Are Excerpts From The Article: “Clock is ticking on destruction of Chicago police misconduct files” by ‪#‎CaitlinDickson‬


“before [officer]‪#‎VanDyke‬ was arrested for killing ‪#‎LaQaunMcDonald‬, he had been the subject of at least 20 ‪#‎misconduct‬ complaints, ‪#‎none‬ of which‪#‎resulted‬ in ‪#‎discipline‬. “


“McDonald was one of the 409 people who’ve been shot by Chicago police officers since 2007 — ‪#‎127WereFatal‬ — according to the city’s Independent Police Review Authority.”

“An explosive investigation published by ‪#‎TheGuardian‬ newspaper in February describes ‪#‎HomanSquare‬ as more like a CIA ‘black site’ than a police precinct, a secretive warehouse where suspects are allegedly subjected to ‪#‎beatings‬ and prolonged ‪#‎shackling‬, are denied the right to legal counsel and are not booked in any official ‪#‎CPD‬ databases. “



Click Here For Full Article 

Criminal Justice Reform – Finally

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Today President Obama announced plans towards Criminal Justice Reform, much needed in a country that incarcerates more people than any other. President Obama and his Administration’s plans are sensible and manageable. Furthermore they will, in the long-term, save taxpayers substantial money. Also, with more trained, rehabilitated people in the workforce America’s bottom line will benefit. It seems that everyone will win.

Wait, I feel like I’m forgetting someone…Oh, yes, the Prison Industrial Complex. They won’t benefit as much. You see, for years they’ve been in the business of imprisoning people, in particular, minorities and low income populations. My peers and I like to call it another form of slavery.

Reducing recidivism would undoubtedly have a negative impact not only the prisons and their staff but also their other stakeholders – think uniforms, laundry, landscaping, food, etc. Some towns in America were built around prisons and generations of people have only known the sound of the inmates’ yells greeting them at the heavy steel doors and the powerful sound of cell doors closing.

It’s a cash cow and where there’s money to be made there’s resistance to any effort to make things right, no matter how much sense it makes. That is why sometimes a President does what a President has to do. Kudos President Obama.

Graphic from: Vox http://www.vox.com/2015/7/13/8913297/mass-incarceration-maps-charts

Here’s a Snapshot of the Administration’s Plans:

  • Juvenile Reentry Assistance Program Awards to Support Public Housing Residents
  • Permanent Supportive Housing for the Reentry Population through Pay for Success

“…to address the vicious cycle of poverty, criminality, and incarceration that traps too many Americans and weakens too many communities.”

  • Establishing a National Clean Slate Clearinghouse
  • TechHire: Expanding tech training and jobs for individuals with criminal records

“Each year, more than 600,000 individuals are released from state and federal prisons. Advancing policies and programs that enable these men and women to put their lives back on track and earn their second chance promotes not only justice and fairness, but also public safety.”

  • Banning the Box in Federal Employment
  • Arrests Guidance for Public and other HUD-Assisted Housing
  • Adult Reentry Education Grants

“The President has also called on Congress to pass meaningful criminal justice reform…The Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act of 2015, which recently received a strong bipartisan vote in the Senate Judiciary Committee, would be an important step forward in this effort, by providing new incentives and opportunities for those incarcerated to participate in…programs proven to reduce recidivism, promote successful reentry, and help eliminate barriers to economic opportunity following release. ..reducing overlong sentences for nonviolent drug offenses [will] free up additional resources for investments in other public safety initiatives, including reentry services, programs for mental illness and addiction, and state and local law enforcement.”

cost to incarcerate juveniles
Where are our priorities?

Source: FACT SHEET: President Obama Announces New Actions to Promote Rehabilitation and Reintegration for the Formerly- Incarcerated. Retrieved from https://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2015/11/02/fact-sheet-president-obama-announces-new-actions-promote-rehabilitation November 2, 2015. The White House. Office of the Press Secretary.
Read entire document here > FACT SHEET: President Obama Announces New Actions to Promote Rehabilitation and Reintegration for the Formerly- Incarcerated

E-mails & Ferguson

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Don’t you just love the 21st Century? The advancement of technology and the continued push to defend free speech while fighting for transparency? We need more of if, don’t you think? Transparency that is.

These e-mails sent by Ferguson police and officials are pretty transparent. They were discovered during the investigation done by the Department of Justice. Almost unbelievable, but not quite.

Let’s see how people defend these actions, documented and sealed with a stamp from one of the greatest technological inventions of our times, e-mail.

Here are the seven emails the Justice Department uncovered, all of which come from current employees and were apparently sent during work hours:

  • A November 2008 email said President Barack Obama won’t be president for long because ‘what black man holds a steady job for four years.’
  • A March 2010 email mocked African Americans with horrible stereotypes about their families and how they speak. One line of the email read, ‘I be so glad that dis be my last child support payment! Month after month, year after year, all dose payments!’
  • An April 2011 email depicted President Obama as a chimpanzee.
  • A May 2011 email said, ‘An African-American woman in New Orleans was admitted into the hospital for a pregnancy termination. Two weeks later she received a check for $5,000. She phoned the hospital to ask who it was from. The hospital said, “Crimestoppers.”‘
  • A June 2011 email said a man wanted to obtain ‘welfare’ for his dogs because they are ‘mixed in color, unemployed, lazy, can’t speak English and have no frigging clue who their Daddies are.’
  • An October 2011 email had a photo of a bare-chested group of dancing women, apparently in Africa, with the caption, ‘Michelle Obama’s High School Reunion.’
  • A December 2011 email made jokes based off offensive stereotypes about Muslims.” ~ G. Lopez, vox.com

Link to Article: http://www.vox.com/2015/3/4/8149699/ferguson-police-racist-jokes


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