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snake oil




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Unexpected Arsonist in St. Louis

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David Lopez Jackson, a Black man, is charged with setting fire to mostly Black churches in St. Louis.

Source:“Man charged in St. Louis area black church fires” by Jim Salter, AP

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david lopez jackson

David Lopez Jackson pictured above.

Too Odd To Be True

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Kim Davis and Her Lawyers Sure Know How to Spin (Lie) – The Real Deal W/ Davis and the Pope >> Here – From Yahoo

kim-davis2 reaching for heaven

Dollar-Dollar Bills Y’All

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In light of the latest ado about Creflo Dollar – and his plea to his followers for $65 million dollars to get a new jet so that he can continue to spread the gospel – I decided to dig up an old law slideshow that I’d done for school in 2009. I think it’s still relevant.

Also, can each of you donate $100 to my don’t-want-to-work-anymore-fund? If 300,000 of you donate that would be $30 million, enough for me and Malcolm the Dog to retire and write books and live happily ever after. IJS.