Replay: bit*h betta have my mule

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bitch betta have my mule


Birth of a Nation – Oct 7th

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birth of a nation


#BirthOfANation #October 7th N Theaters via @Esquire

bit*h betta have my mule

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bundy in oregon

You have to read this article about the so called stand-off in Oregon with Bundy Jr. at the helm (Link Below).

I have so many questions like; how is land that was “acquired” in the 1800s rightfully theirs (We won’t even talk about the fact that technically it was the Natives’ land)?

The reason they (#Bundy and his #Terrorist Gang) THINK they have the right to it is because of a law during the 1800s that allowed people to live on land for at least 5 yrs then claim it as their own. That law was later changed in 1976.

This fact makes a great case about the existence of #WhitePrivilage and why #Blacks in #America are due #reparations. Because in the 1800s we were still slaves, we could not pick a piece of land and claim it as our own because we couldn’t own property, hell, we WERE the property or #Chattel.

This is just ONE way that some Whites have been able to build wealth and pass it on to their descendants. So when people who are still benefiting from unfair practices that happened way-back-when say we should get over #slavery, I say, give me my damn 40 acres and my freakin mule and then we’ll talk.


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a flag, some guns and a prom

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So these high school youngsters go to their prom and somewhere along the way they come across this confederate flag and some guns, in Colorado. Here’s the video from

Confederate Flag, Guns and Prom?


What I heard the parent saying in the video is that her son REALLY didn’t want to pose for this picture but he did it anyway.

If that is the case then we have a young man, and probably lots of others like him, who will go along with things they know are wrong just to please others – and these are not 6th and 7th grade kids.

I know in high school it’s still tough to be independent and young people are still trying to figure out who they are, but that’s where us adults come in.

We have to teach young people that it’s okay to stand-up for what you believe (while being safe) and that you do not have to go with the status quo – even if the people coaching you to do stupid stuff is an adult.

Otherwise…insert offensive picture that has gone viral and will eventually be showing your kids’ faces instead of blurs soon. Or worse.

Justified by way of the Bible

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